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Rope is a Custom-made objects that are commonly used in rope swings, rope games and "How Far can you go?" levels. Ropes can be also use to trigger triggers in a weird way.

How to make a ropeEdit

Step 1: make a 'Rectangle Shape' that have the Width of 42 and the height of 14 (Or something similar).
Screenshot (189)

Step 2: Design & group the rope.

Screenshot (190)

Step 2

Step 3: Put the groups in a stack (Like 6 groups) and put joints in the middle of the two side and at the top.
Screenshot (191)

Your done!

Your done!

Screenshot (192)


  • The First rope level was made in 2009 ('Rope Swings' by Jim Bonacci).

  • Ropes are part of "Frequent Levels" because of Rope Swings.

  • There are many other kinds of ropes like the loop, Turk-le, runk, etc

  • Ropes with spinning joints can be use to trigger triggers over and over.

  • Ropes can only be made from 'Rectangle Shapes', there are no circle or triangle ropes. But there's a poly rope but not 'a' rope.

Gallery of ropesEdit

Gallery of levels with ropesEdit