Think this is rule-free? NO!, Please read the rules before even doing anything

  • Don't be a Jerk Bonacci!- Please don't be a jerk on this wiki, or feel the rath of me (Or admin) to block you!
  • No Slamming: (lol, This rule is common :P) Please don't slam on the wiki, Even if it's for badges. If you don't know what slamming is, than go away. You will be block
  • No vandalism!: please don't do that! We work hard on this wiki. But if you do it on 3 pages, You will be ban. This also goes in real life :P.
  • Don't Over do it!: Sure you can post any levels, PUT DON'T OVER DO IT! (Like 20 levels a day), Because that's slamming. You will be block or ban
  • Don't talk back to Admin and the Founder: You can talk to the A. and the F., But don't talk back at them in a mean way! You can be block.
  • No illegal arts: If you post a art that's about Drugs, Nudity, Or any other Illegal stuff, You will be block or ban
  • No imposternating: Please don't be a lie. Be your self or eat my (Or admin's) Dust of blocking! Or ban.
  • Don't be crazy: If your being crazy, just don't.
  • No 18+ levels: nobody is ready to know what a D*ck or a (Girl's private part) looks like in the wiki. We rather call it "Gross". You will be block if you done it 4 times
  • No "Whatever": Please don't make a new category or upload anything without telling the founder or the Admins, Or if you do it 50 times, you will be block

These are the rules of the wiki (For now)! Happy Editing! If you want to add a rule, Please ask!

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Here's some other rules that we allow, but we do not recommend you doing

  • Racism- Please don't be Racist. It's rude to foreign people
  • Give personal information: You maybe learn this at school. But just don't
  • Custom names: Characters don't really need custom names. We don't need people to be confused
  • Make pages as a guest: We would like to know you first before you do anything.

If you want to make these rules too, Please ask