This is not for Happy Wheels, this is a Info Hox for the wiki.

These are all of the templates for the wiki, Don't do any on what it says because this is a Info Hox.

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"It's not working!"
This article is a Stub. Please help the The Happy Wheels Levels wiki by expanding it.
Happy Editing!
  • Template: Stubs
  • What it's for: It's for pages that need Expansion!
  • How to make it: Surround it with "{{ }}" And Put in "Stubs" In the Middle.
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"Deleting a Level...."
This article is Requesting to be Deleted by a user with a following reason. Please Delete if it's needed to be deleted, if a Admin or any other Special User is requesting for deletion, It will get delete right away.
Have a great day!
  • Template: Delete (In the "Template" Place while Editing)
  • What It's for: It's for pages that do not belongs in the wiki
  • How to make it:
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